About Us

I'm Zoe Pateman, I am mum of 1 and the creator of Zoes Gifts N Crafts, my hobby turned career. It all started in about 2005 when my beautiful Mother decided to show me how to Cross Stitch and that is where the story began.  I started out stitching as a hobby, then slowly started to sell some of my completed work on various platforms for some extra pennies, slowly I started doing handmade items to sell along side this and made it my full time job.  Back in 2015 when I had my son I decided to look into adding accessories to my stock list and have been growing ever since. I don't promise to know everything and get it right all of the time but I do believe I am still on this journey and will grow daily, hopefully just like my small business. 

Much Love 

Zoe xx 

Here is me and my beautiful son.