Fabric washing information

Hand Dyed needlework fabrics, including the Over-Dyed collection, can be washed by hand with water at any temperature.
Do NOT use any detergents or any other kind of third party additives when washing .
If essential to use other additives (AVOID BIOLOGICAL detergents = Bio Detergents) and ALWAYS sample test a small piece with BON-biological detergent before proceeding and ensure fabric is rinsed well.
Industry wise, it is not recommended to use a washing machine for any stitched needlework or to have the work dry-cleaned
Place fabric in a large clean bowl, container or sink of water at any required temperature.
Please wash only one item at a time.
Leave to soak as long as required and gently pat the fabric from time to time. Do not rub, scrub or scrunch the fabric.
To dry, lay the fabric flat on a towel and then roll up to absorb excess water, squeezing gently. Do not wring the fabric.
Lay fabric flat to air dry.
Lay fabric stitched side down on a clean towel and iron on reverse using steam if required.
The above advice is for fabric only (not tapestries) and does not take into account the type or colourfastness of threads used.
Note: sometimes just visible to the naked eye there may be changes in the water colour which is due to dust etc. on the fabric and it should not affect the fabric itself in any way.